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7 Characters in Classics from Whose POV We’d Like to Hear

These classic novels have held our hearts with good reason – but for a change of pace, what about hearing the story from another character’s point of view?


The Case for Adapting the Unadaptable Novel to Film

Is every work of literature fair game – or is there truly such a thing as an unadaptable novel?


Franco Brothers to Co-star in Cult Film-to-Book-to-Film Adaptation

A movie based on a book about a movie is meta enough to attract the Franco Brothers, James and Dave, and more in our start-of-the-week roundup.


LeVar Burton Uses Kickstarter to Bring Back 'Reading Rainbow'

In our four links of the day, we get from LeVar Burton ... to Miss Havisham. See what we've got in between in today's roundup, too.


Classics Redux: Q&A With 'Great Expectations' Writer David Nicholls

David Nicholls explains his approach to Great Expectations, what makes a classic work un-adaptable, and why “respectful fear” is a prerequisite for taking on such a challenge.


Johnny Depp Joins Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts in Bringing Literary Giants to the Small Screen

TV's evolution from the boob tube to Bard tube remains among the most fascinating new super-species to emerge out of the pop cultural miasma.