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Creating Characters, Writing a Family, and More with Camille Bordas

Camille Bordas knows a thing or two about character development, family dynamics, and writing about loss, and she's joined us to share her writerly wisdom.


Traci Lambrecht on Losing Her Mother and Writing Partner

P. J. Tracy is the pseudonym of the mother-daughter writing duo Patricia and Traci Lambrecht. Here, Traci writes about losing her mother and co-writer.


Healing, Chapter by Chapter: How Writers Tap in to Their Own Grief

Bestselling author Emily Colin discusses how writers tap into their own grief for their craft, and how it's helpful for the healing process.


Bestselling Author Jane Green on Writing Grief and Dysfunctional Families

Bestselling author Jane Green joined Signature for a Q&A about tackling tough subjects in her writing, and her new novel, The Sunshine Sisters.


Abbi Waxman on the Importance of Finding Humor in Unlikely Places

Abbi Waxman, author of The Garden of Small Beginnings, on the importance of humor and the new form it takes when paired with loss or grief.


James William Brown on the Ancient Greek Art of Lamenting

James William Brown discusses the Ancient Greek art of lamenting, and the role it played in inspiring his latest novel, My Last Lament.