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Celebrate Your Seniors: 10 Great Elderly Characters of Film

Inspired by Senior Citizens Day, we've rounded up some of our favorite seasoned elderly characters from film.


Silver Screen Silver Linings: What Movies Changed Your Life?

There are two primary reasons why film has maintained its powerful hold over popular culture.


Another No-bullshit Night with Harold and Maude Courtesy of Memoirist Nick Flynn

On the stage of the Crosby Hotel screening room, bestselling author Nick Flynn courageously attempted to trace the origins of Harold and Maude's cult following.


Cinematic Soulmates Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy Reunite for 'Before Sunset' Follow-up

Have you ever met a movie that rearranged your emotional DNA? Yeah, us too -- which is why we're thrilled with news of this third installment's completion.


"Submarine" Director Richard Ayoade Explains How He Built a Perfect Bildungsroman

It’s been a long time since a film or fiction served up such a supreme coming-of-age tale.