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Fitness Fiction: 7 Novels That Are Almost as Good as Cardio

Looking for a good work of fitness fiction? Check out one of these novels to inspire, entertain, or motivate you in the gym or out.


The Other Side of Impossible: An Interview with Susannah Meadows

When journalist Susannah Meadows found out that her son was chronically ill and not getting better, she was determined to heal him with alternative methods.


Why a Balance of Health and Hedonism Matters

Phoebe Lapine spent years trying to find a perfect place between joy and healthy eating – and found that it’s indeed all about balance.


Go Green: 6 Ways Eating More Greens Will Make the World a Better Place

Healthy eating starts with more greens. Here are a few reasons to think beyond the salad bowl and begin cooking with the leafy stuff.


7 Reasons You Should Ride Your Bike Instead

If you’re going to write a book called How Cycling Can Save the World, it’s only fair for people to ask: Okay, how does that work? It is explained in full – I promise – in the book, bu


Walt Whitman on Beards, Alcohol, Dancing, and Ennui

In his Guide to Manly Health and Training - a newly discovered Walt Whitman manifesto - Whitman opines on everything from liquor to dancing.