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Midlife Revival: Proof Hollywood Is Into Seasoned Stars

In an unexpected and welcome turn, middle-aged female stars are all over the big screen – so to whom do we owe our gratitude?


Bookish Broads: Our 10 Favorite Adaptation It Women

There's something elevating about a film when it's drawn from the pages of a book - and these ten adaptation actors seem to agree with us.


‘Trumbo’: A True Hollywood Story Worth Telling

The story of Dalton Trumbo is certainly one worth telling – so how did the filmmakers fare? Read on.


Gold Rush: Catching Up with The Woman in Gold's Key Players

To get the real story on 'The Woman in Gold,' we caught up with two of the people at its heart.


'Woman in Gold' and 5 Cases of the Little Guy in Film

'Woman in Gold' is next in the lineup of big movies that bring to light the plight of the little guy.


Helen Mirren's Subway Etiquette Charms New Yorkers

From Helen Mirren's ride among the hoi polloi to the movie art that terrorized you as a child, we've got something for everyone in today's Daily Blunt.