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Happy 25th Birthday, 'Henry & June' and the NC-17 Rating

It's not coincidence that 'Henry & June' and the NC-17 rating share a family, nor happenstance that the rating is still in use today.


Silly Hobbit: Smeagol Versus Gollum Rap Battle

Also closing out week one of 2013: Lindsay Lohan is already NSFW, looking ahead in Aurora, CO, and how to inspire F. Scott Fitzgerald.


Autoerotic for the People: Angelina Jolie Flirts with Directing Fifty Shades of Grey

Rumors of who will dominate behind the camera with the adaptation of the steamy bestseller start to arise.


'Groundhog Day' Actor Makes Holiday Reddit Appearance

Happy Monday! Our weekend recap includes bookstore cats, Jeanette Winterson reconsidering Henry Miller, and some heartfelt career advice for actors.