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Swim for Your Life: 9 Quotes About the Primal Allure of Water

For most of the year, rivers, lakes, and oceans serve either a strictly practical purpose, or a metaphorical one — we’d rather die than jump in. Once summer comes, however, you can’t


Literature Is What Unites America and Russia in a Time of Divisiveness

In a time of divisiveness, editor Brian James Baer reminds us that Russia and America have much in common when it comes to their literary traditions.


5 Signs Herman Melville Truly Loved Nathaniel Hawthorne

Mark Beauregard, author of The Whale, makes a compelling case for why we've reason to believe Herman Melville truly loved Nathaniel Hawthorne.


Required Reading for June, 2016: From The Whale to White Trash

Required Reading this month: Mark Beauregard's 'The Whale,' Nancy Isenberg's 'White Trash,' Jenny Mollen's 'Live Fast Die Hot,' and more.


Diving Into ‘Heart of the Sea’ With Screenwriter Charles Leavitt

In our interview with 'In the Heart of the Sea' screenwriter Charles Leavitt, we talk Moby-Dick, cannibalism, and more.


John Carpenter Wins Plagiarism Case Against Luc Besson

A new Moby Dick-inspired game, and emails from Luna Lovegood: it's all in your Daily Blunt.