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All Too Human: Why the Donner Party Still Haunts Us Today

The closer we look at the facts of this infamous 19th century tragedy - the basis for Alma Katsu's new book The Hunger -  the more unsettling they become.


10 Debut Novels That You Need to Read Before Spring 2018

Don’t let these debuts pass you by – pick up one (or many) of these mesmerizing reads, and get utterly lost in a newly fabricated fictional world.


Tapping Into History to Write Historical Fiction

Jennifer Ashley, author of Death Below Stairs, shares tips on how to use history as a tool to write a well-researched novel.


How to Keep Language Authentic in Historical Fiction

James L. Haley, author of the Bliven Putnam Naval Adventure series, shares the importance of the authenticity of language in a work of historical fiction.


History Holds the Key to Writing Better Fictional Heroes

'City of Lies' author Victoria Thompson describes her process for creating historical characters worthy of 21st century readers' attention.


Is There a Place for the Traditional Western in 2017?

Does old-timey fiction seems like it might be dated? We look at works by Louis L'Amour and Robert Olmstead to determine the place of the western in 2017.