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Who Were the Wyndham Sisters? The History Behind the Sargent Painting

Hanging in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is a vast 10-foot-by-7-foot canvas by John Singer Sargent. Executed with the American artist’s characteristic verve, the painting depicts thre


7 of the Best Books Exploring Henry VIII’s Six Wives

These books by Alison Weir, Margaret George, and Hilary Mantel do an incredible job of giving Henry VIII's six wives the attention they are due.


10 Fantastic Books by Chinese and Chinese-American Authors

These books, all by Chinese and Chinese-American authors, paint a vivid picture of life in America as a Chinese immigrant, and life back home.


The History Behind America’s Sneaker Obsession, Illustrated

From Chuck Taylor to Jane Fonda, here are a few pivotal moments that brought sneakers to the height of popularity they experience today in America.


8 Books That Illuminate the History of the Rwandan Genocide

The Rwandan Genocide remains one of the most horrific events of the latter twentieth century, a wound that the Republic of Rwanda continues to grapple with.


Making History: Characters in Narrative Nonfiction

Gary Krist, author of The Mirage Factory, on how narrative historians, like fiction writers, must write about characters who are fascinating to read about.