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Emily Dickinson Was Kind of a Millennial Well Ahead of Her Time

Emily Dickinson, tucked away scribbling in her bedroom in the 1800s, shared more with today’s millennial than one might think.


Is the Pacific Northwest Really Destined for a Megathrust Earthquake?

Henry Fountain delves into how the biggest earthquake in North America impacted Alaska and how likely it is the Pacific Northwest will be hit hard next.


Here Are 5 Simple Ways to Resist Tyranny in the Modern Age

Drawing from lessons learned in the 20th century, here are five ways to resist tyranny in the modern age, adapted from Timothy Snyder’s On Tyranny.


How Did Surfing Come to Feel Like an Elite Sport, Anyway?

Aaron James, author of Surfing with Sartre, explains why surfing is so untouchable in the world of sports - but also why it's so rewarding.


These Six Incredible Women Served As Undercover Spies in World War II

Author Susan Elia MacNeal of the Maggie Hope mysteries reflects on the importance of female spies in occupied Europe during WWII.


Art Imitates Art: Here’s Why Museums Make Brilliant Settings in Fiction

The job of the writer and the job of the museum-goer are not so different. Both require a willingness to look deeply, patiently, and carefully.