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How to Keep Language Authentic in Historical Fiction

James L. Haley, author of the Bliven Putnam Naval Adventure series, shares the importance of the authenticity of language in a work of historical fiction.


Lynne Olson on Britain’s Role in the Creation of the European Union

Lynne Olson, author of Last Hope Island, describes how European Leaders in London led directly to the creation of the European Union.


Travel Back in Time: 8 Illuminating History Books to Read Right Now

Take a break from the present, and immerse yourself in these eight exceptional books that detail important historical events and figures.


An After-Dark Visit to Grant’s Tomb, North America’s Largest Mausoleum

Discover what an exclusive after-dark tour through Grant's Memorial is really like, and learn about the history behind the largest tomb in North America.


The Rich History of Color, and Why It’s So Hard to Choose a Favorite

Kassia St. Clair, author of The Secret Lives of Color, sheds light on the unknown, vivid stories behind some of her all-time favorite colors.


What Books Will We Be Talking About 100 Years from Now?

Martin Puchner, author of The Written World, discusses which twenty-first century books will likely still be discussed 100 years from now.