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Young Radicals: A Story of Socialism, Suffragists, and Journalism

We're taking a look at Jeremy McCarter’s new book that features five American radicals who fought for their ideals in a time of war and complete chaos.


Catherine Banner on Her Inspiration for The House at the Edge of Night

Author Catherine Banner joins Beaks & Geeks to talk about her novel, folktales, small town gossip, and how a financial crisis inspired this book.


The Crucial Role of Historical Fiction in Times of Political Turmoil

Critically acclaimed novelist Jillian Cantor speaks about why historical fiction is especially important in times of political disaster.


A Nation Unveiled: Best Books to Understand Cuba

As U.S.-Cuba relations continue to thaw – while under threat from the Trump administration – dive into any or all of these books to understand Cuba.


A Conversation with Mike Maden, Author of Tom Clancy Point of Contact

Mike Maden, author of the Drone series, joins Signature to chat about what it was like to write a Tom Clancy novel, and his future writing endeavors.


How George Orwell’s 1984 Almost Didn’t Happen

With tuberculosis, financial pressures, and a liberal passion calling out to him, it's not surprising that George Orwell came close to not writing 1984.