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Hard Candy Christmas: Quotes in Support of NOT Going Home For the Holidays

Holiday season dinner table talk is always trying, but this year it will be especially trying for some. This holiday season, hang on to these quotes.


Happy Bill Murray Day! (Wait, What?)

Gavin Edwards, author of The Tao of Murray, makes an incredibly strong case for why comedy legend Bill Murray deserves a national holiday.


Biblio-boo: 19 Bookshelf-Based Halloween Costumes

You know what the fix is for a boring Halloween party? A good read. Be ready with one of these nineteen bookish Halloween costumes.


Maternal Lit: 10 Books for Moms and Those Who Love Them

Whether you’re celebrating a mother or a mother who likes to read, here are ten books perfect for the occasion.


John Gluck, Jr.: The ‘Santa Claus Man’ Who Conned NYC

The scam of the Santa Claus Association is the subject of the rollicking new yule book 'Santa Claus Man,' Alex Palmer's true tale of a Jazz Age conman.


The Only Scrooge You Need: A Guide to Dickens Adaptations

Author Charlie Lovett makes the argument for what he considers is the best on-screen Ebenezer Scrooge.