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How to Capture the Essence of 1930s Hollywood in Writing

Amanda Quick, author of more than fifty New York Times bestsellers, shares tips on how to write about 1930s Hollywood, and how to do it well.


How My Psychological Thriller Became a Teen Slasher Movie

Author Tom Savage discusses his novel Valentine being transformed from psychological thriller to teen slasher movie when it was adapted to film in 2001.


‘Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool’: The Journey From Page to Screen

Author Peter Turner discusses the long and winding road his memoir, Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, has taken on its way to the big screen.


The Original Ending of ‘Fatal Attraction’ (and More with Sherry Lansing)

Hollywood powerhouse Sherry Lansing joins Signature for an in-depth conversation about her foundation, a new biography, and secrets of 'Fatal Attraction.'


Lights, Camera, Write: 10 Non-Negotiable Rules for Hollywood Reporting

Critically acclaimed entertainment reporter Stephen Galloway reveals expert tips and tricks for reporting in the celebrity-filled world of Hollywood.


Bringing Ingrid Bergman Back to Life: An Interview with Kate Alcott

Novelist Kate Alcott joins Signature to chat in-depth about Ingrid Bergman and how she came to live at the center of Alcott’s new novel.