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3 Things You’ll Always Get with Nathan Englander

Nathan Englander is back with his latest novel, and it delivers in all the ways we’ve come to expect – and adore – from the author.


On the Delicate Balance of Writing Historical Fiction About the Holocaust

Award-winning author Rachel Seiffert, most recently of A Boy in Winter, discusses the complexities of writing historical fiction about the Holocaust.


On War, Art, How We Got Here and Where We’re to Go

We caught up with Sarah Sentilles, author of the new book Draw Your Weapons, to talk about war, terrorism, the art that grows among it, and more.


You Weren’t There? So What: 4 Tips on Writing Historical Fiction

Georgia Hunter, author of the new WWII-era novel We Were the Lucky Ones, clues us in to four essential tips for writing historical fiction.


The 10 Best Movie Adaptations of 2016

Hollywood has a long history of turning books into fabulous films, and this past year has been no exception. Herewith, the 10 best adaptations of 2016.


Holocaust Denial Out of Hollywood: ‘Denial’ Movie Review

We review ‘Denial,’ the film revisiting the mid-1990s story of a Holocaust denier and the woman who fought to call it like she saw it.