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Your Guide to the King-Sized World of ‘Castle Rock’

Haven't visited the fictitious hamlet of Castle Rock in a while? Here's a refresher in advance of the upcoming Stephen King-inspired Hulu series.


10 Horror Books That Prove War is Hell

Adding supernatural elements to books set on the battlefield can yield potent results. What follows are some of the most chilling examples.


On the Trope of the ‘Final Girl’ in Horror Movies and Books

The author of Final Girls expounds on a horror trope that's transcended books and movies, teaching us about ourselves in the process.


A Scene from Shirley Jackson’s ‘A Visit,’ Adapted and Illustrated

We took an illustrated look at Shirley Jackson's scary short story "A Visit," found in her collection Dark Tales.


These Popular ‘Universal Monsters’ Came to Life on the Big Screen

These monsters, born in books, have endured and achieved universal recognition thanks to movies that brought them to life for mass audiences.


Get Into the Halloween Spirit with These 10 Terrifying Literary Horror Books

With Halloween just around the corner, it's the perfect opportunity to take a look at the best works of literary horror and give yourself a good scare.