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There’s a Reason Demagogues Despise Books

Michelle Kuo recounts the experience of reading with an inmate and friend in an Arkansas County Jail and the connections to the need for literacy.


Why Angela J. Davis’s New Book Is Essential Reading

Policing the Black Man, the new collection edited and introduced by Angela J. Davis, breaks down the problem of race in the U.S.


The Short Road from Travel Ban to Genocide

International lawyer, professor of law, and author Philippe Sands draws the overt parallels between Trump’s travel ban and genocide.


Essential Reading for Teens (and Everyone) in the Year 2017

A teenager asked our Lisa Rosman what to read in this age of Trump. Here are the books she recommended – an essential list for teens and adults alike.


What Really Went On with the Osage Indian Murders?

We interviewed David Grann, author of The Lost City of Z and Killers of the Flower Moon, to talk about the truth of the Osage Indian Murders and more.


What Cassandra of Troy Can Tell Us About the Politics of Private Issues

Cassandra of Troy from Greek mythology was cursed with the inability to be believed. Hers is a story we all should know today.