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Author of Controversial Harry Potter Fanfic ‘My Immortal’ Unmasked

We've got our eyes on everything from the reveal (finally!) of the author of My Immortal to scenes from the all-girl Lord of the Flies adaptation. Read on!


Creating Characters, Writing a Family, and More with Camille Bordas

Camille Bordas knows a thing or two about character development, family dynamics, and writing about loss, and she's joined us to share her writerly wisdom.


5 Reasons Weird Humor Is Essential Every Day

Siobhan Gallagher has always been a worrier – which has given her a particular appreciation for finding the humor in the mundane.


Fitness Fiction: 7 Novels That Are Almost as Good as Cardio

Looking for a good work of fitness fiction? Check out one of these novels to inspire, entertain, or motivate you in the gym or out.


Start at the End of the Story (and More with Daryl Gregory)

We caught up with Spoonbenders author Daryl Gregory to dive into his new book, writing, why he doesn’t believe in psychic powers, and more.


7 Hilarious Women Writers to Read Right Now

The pen is mightier than the sword – and certainly funnier. Case in point? These hilarious women writers whose books you should read right now.