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Need a Belly Laugh? The 19 Funniest Books of Fall

This year has presented some challenging times, so as we wind down, flip the switch and laugh instead with one of the funniest books of this autumn.


What’s in the Bag!? Abbi Jacobson Sets Out to Find Out

Abbi Jacobson's new book has its work cut out for it, the world's lost an odd one with the passing of Jack Chick, and more. All here, all today, all in your Daily Blunt.


Happy Bill Murray Day! (Wait, What?)

Gavin Edwards, author of The Tao of Murray, makes an incredibly strong case for why comedy legend Bill Murray deserves a national holiday.


Biblio-boo: 19 Bookshelf-Based Halloween Costumes

You know what the fix is for a boring Halloween party? A good read. Be ready with one of these nineteen bookish Halloween costumes.


Emma Thompson Is a Feminist and (Isn’t Afraid to Joke About It)

Emma Thompson, who wrote the screenplay of 'Bridget Jones' Diary,' shares her thoughts on screenwriting, the stars she wrote for, and feminism.


A Storyteller Grows in Queens (It’s Tara Clancy!)

Queens-born storyteller Tara Clancy answered a few questions for Signature as her memoir landed. And frankly, her responses leave us adoring her more.