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The Void and Mermaid Sex: A Q&A with The Pisces Author Melissa Broder

We chatted with The Pisces and So Sad Today author Melissa Broder about her turn to fiction, what she brings to her writing, and more.


Samantha Irby Proves That Humor is a Powerful Weapon Against Despair

Author Samantha Irby has potent wit and humor, and masterful writing skills: all powerful weapons against the dark.


Weekend Rec: Drew Magary's Imaginative Novel, The Hike

With another weekend just over the horizon – thankfully they come at regular intervals – we’ve got another recommended read: The Hike by Drew Magary.


Wine Is Your Friend: A Crash Course on 10 Types of Wine

Mamrie Hart, author of I've Got This Round, gives an easy-to-understand crash course on what wines to drink and when to drink them.


Weekend Rec: Carl Hiaasen’s Wildly Humorous Novel, Razor Girl

What better way to wind down the week than basking in the sun of Carl Hiassen’s decidedly off-kilter vision of Florida in Razor Girl?


On Humor Writing, Comedy, and John Hodgman’s Writing

Nathan Gelgud on how John Hodgman transcends the often un-funny nature of humor writing, plus a trip Hodgman took to the cemetery with his daughter.