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From Dillard to Baldwin: 10 of the Best Essay Collections to Read Now

These are some of the best essay collections worth your time, covering issues of politics, race, society, nature, religion, relationships, and beyond.


Vivid Ephemera: 13 Quotes From Psychedelic Literature

A little chemical assistance goes a long way in writing. Just ask Tom Robbins and Hunter S. Thompson, whose minds went in different, wild directions.


In Appreciation of Investigative Journalism: A Book List

Where would our nation be without quality investigative journalism? Let’s look to the stacks for some insight with these great books.


Getting the Jump on Trump With 10 Richard Nixon Quotes

Should Trump wish to succeed, or climb in the Gallup polls, he can use these quotes as a handy guide for what most Americans aren't looking for in a leader.


Fantastic Feuds: Why Tilda Swinton Hates On Harry Potter

Tilda Swinton's views on boarding schools and efforts behind a Scottish school with a different sort of structure, why you should be paying close attention to the social geniuses of Merriam Webster, and more in today's Daily Blunt.


The Golden Age of News Editing with Terry McDonell

Terry McDonell joined Signature to discuss his nearly forty-year career top-editing magazines from Esquire to Rolling Stone, and his new book, Accidental Life.