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From James Baldwin to Rita Mae Brown: 11 Champions of Gay Rights

In honor of Pride Month, we're taking a look at writers and poets who used their work, life, and influence to be a voice for gay rights and LGBT advocacy.


How George Orwell’s 1984 Almost Didn’t Happen

With tuberculosis, financial pressures, and a liberal passion calling out to him, it's not surprising that George Orwell came close to not writing 1984.


Who, What, How: The 88th Academy Awards, Illustrated

The eighty-eighth annual Academy Awards are now behind us, and the night delivered on everything you’d expect – and a few things you never could have expected. Here’s our favorite il


Reading the Oscars: A History of Adaptations

Nathan Gelgud is your tour guide through this last eighty-some years of book-to-movie moments at the Oscars.


An Illustrated History of Sherlock Holmes

The release of 'Mr. Holmes' inspired us to ask illustrator Nathan Gelgud to help tell the story of cinematic Sherlock Holmes.


2015 Golden Globes: An Illustrated Guide to the Evening

A recap like you've never seen! Without further ado, we present Nathan Gelgud's Illustrated Guide to the 2015 Golden Globes.