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10 Fantastic Books by Chinese and Chinese-American Authors

These books, all by Chinese and Chinese-American authors, paint a vivid picture of life in America as a Chinese immigrant, and life back home.


After the Genocide: The Best Books to Understand Armenia

Books by Armenian and Armenian-American writers demonstrate a struggle to come to terms with one of the 20th century’s biggest atrocities. 


Beyond Tolstoy and Nabokov: The Best Books on Russia Today

Rather than exploring the known classics of Russian literature, we're exploring contemporary fiction and nonfiction to understand Russia's current state.


Steeped in Tradition: Best Books to Understand Haiti’s Past and Present

Haitian history is defined by turmoil and upheaval. These books provide an opening view into the fascinating world of Haitian literature.


The World Down Under: 10 Best Books to Understand Australia

This list of ten books and novels, most written by Australian authors, should give insight into the literary world down under.


A Republic Marked by War: 8 Best Books to Understand South Korea

These novels and books, many by South Korean authors, should provide a window into South Korea and its culture.