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A Nation Plagued by Conflict: 10 Best Israel Books to Read Now

These books, many by Israeli authors, provide insight into Israeli culture and identity, and the complexities and trials inherent to life in Israel. 


A Scarred, Resilient Nation: 10 Best Philippines Books

These books, many written by Filipino and Filipino-American authors, will help readers understand the Philippines and the facets that shape that nation's culture.


Beyond Bolivar: 8 of the Best Venezuela Books Available

Venezuela is top of mind these days, but how much do we really know about this nation? Herewith, the best Venezuela books to know it better.


After the Ottoman Empire: The Best Turkey Books to Read Now

The complicated history of Turkey can be clearly articulated through the lens of literature, with the help of some of the best Turkey books out there.


A Vibrant Nation Torn by Violence: The Best Books About Colombia

These books will explore the South American nation of Colombia: a place filled with natural beauty and resources, but also plagued by decades of violence.


From Apartheid to Now: Best Books on South Africa

These ten books will shed light on the complex history of South Africa, and the ways in which apartheid continues to hinder the country and its people.