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A Journey to Independence: The 8 Best Books to Understand Kenya

These books and novels, many of which written are by Kenyan authors, should give insight into the remarkable country of Kenya and its complex history.


A Nordic Paradise: 9 Best Books to Understand Swedish Life and Culture

The books in this list are all written by Swedish authors, and represent a slice of what the nation’s long-thriving literary community has to offer.


Dispatches From Burma: 8 Best Books On Myanmar

It may be impossible to appreciate the heart and soul of Burmese culture from afar, but these titles will help set you on your journey.


Complex Borderlands: 10 Books on Upheaval and Revolution in Ukraine

Ukraine's complex history can't be summed up in just one book. Seen from numerous angles, as in the books below, a clearer picture emerges.


A Nation Plagued by Conflict: 10 Best Israel Books to Read Now

These books, many by Israeli authors, provide insight into Israeli culture and identity, and the complexities and trials inherent to life in Israel. 


A Scarred, Resilient Nation: 10 Best Philippines Books

These books, many written by Filipino and Filipino-American authors, will help readers understand the Philippines and the facets that shape that nation's culture.