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Two New Books to Influence the Immigration Debate

Firsthand perspectives from two new books reveal what's missing from political debates about the humanitarian crisis brewing at America's borders.


What It’s Really Like to Write About Immigration as a Child of an Immigrant

Xhenet Aliu, author of Brass, shares why writing about immigration in fiction as a child of an immigrant isn't as easy as you think it'd be.


Immigration in Fiction: 8 Novels to Read Now that Explore Immigration

Immigration has become a pressing issue. Though these 8 books are fiction, the questions they pose are the same ones that we see in the news today.


Lone Star Literature: 10 of the Best Texas Books

Roger Hodge, author of the new book Texas Blood, shared with Signature what he considers some of the best Texas books out there.


Masha Gessen on the Lack of Humanity in U.S. Immigration Law

"When countries make people illegal, the world comes apart," writes Masha Gessen. On the problem with immigration status as a value judgment.


When You’re From Two Countries, and Don’t Quite Belong to Either

Author Sophie Chen Keller writes about what it's like to be divided between two cultures, and the process of finding out where she truly belongs.