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Seize the Day: The Modern Meaning of ‘Carpe Diem’ and the Art of Writing

Philosopher Roman Krznaric shares how 'carpe diem' plays a role in modern life, and how it has motivated him to write often, amidst digital distractions.


21 Authors on Hope, Literature, and the Unrelenting Power of Language

Twenty-one authors reflect on why literature is such a powerful tool when it comes to hope, what book they turn to when in need of hope, and more.


10 Reasons Why Recent Grads Should Take Up Journaling

Designer, illustrator, and author Cristina Vanko argues that recent grads in particular benefit from journaling as a means of reflection during a busy life.


Celebrate Poetry Month: 28 Breathtaking Poetry Books to Read Now

In honor of the art form, we're serving up a list of poets whose work offers a marriage of ideas and the exploration of language to the 2017 reader.


Subir Chowdhury on What a Caring Mindset Can Do For Our World Today

Subir Chowdhury, author of The Difference, joins Signature to discuss the benefits that each of us developing a caring mindset can have on our nation.


Welcome to the Largest Surviving Chained Library in the World

As soon as I traveled to Hereford Cathedral, which houses the largest surviving chained library, I knew I wanted one to feature in my book.