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The Path to Greatness: 12 of the Best Women in Sports Books

These eleven books are a few of our favorites and recount the inspirational and sometimes painful stories of women in sports.


From Journalist to Novelist: A Journey to Fiction Writing

Fiona Davis, author of The Address, discusses how the tools of journalism, like research and revision, helped her to become a fiction writer


Healing, Chapter by Chapter: How Writers Tap in to Their Own Grief

Bestselling author Emily Colin discusses how writers tap into their own grief for their craft, and how it's helpful for the healing process.


1984’s Winston Is No Fluke: On the Mutual Respect of Churchill and Orwell

This conversation with Thomas Ricks, the bestselling author of Churchill and Orwell, delves into a long-distance mutual admiration and more.


Seize the Day: The Modern Meaning of ‘Carpe Diem’ and the Art of Writing

Philosopher Roman Krznaric shares how 'carpe diem' plays a role in modern life, and how it has motivated him to write often, amidst digital distractions.


21 Authors on Hope, Literature, and the Unrelenting Power of Language

Twenty-one authors reflect on why literature is such a powerful tool when it comes to hope, what book they turn to when in need of hope, and more.