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Alexander McCall Smith on His Latest Short Story Collection

We got the chance to speak to Alexander McCall Smith about Chance Developments - a splendid short story collection inspired by antique photographs. 


Writer and Director Luca Guadagnino Reflects on ‘Call Me By Your Name’

Luca Guadagnino, director of the 2017 film "Call Me By Your Name," reflects on his experience in making the film, and shares his feelings on the end result.


A Conversation with Nate Blakeslee, author of American Wolf

Nate Blakeslee, author of American Wolf, speaks with us about his inspiration for the book, his opinions on hunting, the endangered species list, and more.


Sana Krasikov on Becoming a Novelist and Her Inspiration for The Patriots

Sana Krasikov joins Beaks & Geeks to talk about her book, The Patriots, along with the inspiration behind the book, and the transition to novel writing.


Former Google Career Pro Jenny Blake Talks Work, Life, and More

Jenny Blake, author of Pivot, talks about work, life, e-mail parties, trolls, and everything in between on this Beaks & Geeks episode.


Where Do Your Spirits Come From? On the Integrity of Our Drinks

Thad Vogler discusses how the growing market for spirits has industrialized and standardized the way most booze is made - and he's looking to fix that.