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Immigrants Write: The Best Books to Understand Our World

As always, books are key to fostering knowledge in uncertain times. Here we turn to the best books to understand our world, nation by nation.


Reading the Republic: Best Books to Understand Iraq

Books, as ever, offer insight and understanding into topics we don’t always understand. Today, we turn to literature to better understand Iraq.


Weekend Reading: Cubs Win, Impending Election, and More

This weekend, brace yourself for Election Day, celebrate the first Chicago Cubs World Series win in 108 years, and continue keeping tabs on Mosul.


The Anatomy of a Soldier: Near-Death in Iraq with Harry Parker

Harry Parker, author of Anatomy of a Soldier, reflects on his near-death experience tanking through an Iraqi street.


How American War in the Middle East Became Permanent

Andrew J. Bacevich, author of America's War for the Greater Middle East, lists 4 major reasons America has stranded itself in the Middle East.


The Valley: A Book Born in Indignity and Raised in Ramadi, Iraq

The Valley, John Renehan's first novel, is inspired by his role as a lieutenant in Ramadi, Iraq, carrying out the most unwanted of Army rituals.