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Villains and the Avoidability of Societal Exile: A Q&A with John Boyne

We got the chance to speak with John Boyne, bestselling author of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, about his new book, villains, writing and more.


Nick Laird's Modern Gods is a Philosophical Inquiry in Disguise

Nick Laird's deceptively readable Modern Gods, a philosophical inquiry disguised as a domestic novel, questions the beliefs we hold true.


Great Expeditions: The Top 10 Cities for Literary Travelers

Do you have both wanderlust and a love for literature? These ten breathtaking cities have plenty for book lovers to discover around the world.


The Best Contemporary Novels with Which to Understand Ireland

The best place to begin trying to understand Ireland’s history is through its literature. Take these twenty-first-century novels for example.


Still Writing at 90: The Joy of Writing and Reading One’s Whole Life

John Freely was born in Brooklyn in 1926 and is the author of more than sixty books, including his latest memoir The House of Memory.


“Maeve in America”: Heartfelt Tales on the Bumpy Road to Immigration

Maeve Higgins, host of the 'Maeve in America' podcast, talks about how important it is to share stories of American immigration to counter nativism.