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All Tomorrow’s Parties: 11 Quotes About Over-Imbibing

For those who struggle with moderation during Christmas and New Year's: You're in good company with the following authors.


An Illustrated Guide to Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, 60 Years Later

On the 60th anniversary of Jack Kerouac's On the Road, we're taking an illustrated look back at its major players, from Allen Ginsberg to Neal Cassady.


Anne Rice Regains Control of ‘Vampire Chronicles,’ Aims for TV

A video game inspired by Shelley, Byron, and Keats? Famous writers hating on Kerouac? It must be time for your Daily Blunt!


6 Best Cocktails From Classic Literature

Hey drinkers: need some inspiration? Check out some of the best cocktails that have featured prominently in classic literature.


Check Out Black Nerd Problems’ Syllabus of Books Featured in ‘Luke Cage’

Bookish fans of 'Luke Cage' rejoice: Black Nerd Problems have the best syllabus of the fall season! This and more in today's Daily Blunt. Because it's hump day, and because you deserve it.


The Beats, Revisited: The Shifting Legacy of a Literary Generation

The question of whether the Beats have aged well is a lingering one, and it’s also one that will vary from reader to reader.