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The ‘Boob Tube’ Is Dead: Introducing TV as Prodigal Son

It used to be that television was the catch-all for has-beens and never-would-bes. Those days of the boob tube are dead, folks.


10 Lessons Every 21st-Century Woman Can Learn from Jane Austen

Helena Kelly, author of Jane Austen, the Secret Radical, on lessons 21st-Century women can learn from Jane Austen and her famous literary works.


10 Reasons Writers and Readers Adore Jane Austen

Two hundred years later, writers and readers still adore Jane Austen. Novelist Melissa Pimentel has a few ideas as to why this is.


Jane Austen’s Editor on the Benefits of Editing the Beloved Novelist

Editor and professor Juliette Wells shares what it was like editing Jane Austen's classic novels and what she gained from the experience.


7 Characters in Classics from Whose POV We’d Like to Hear

These classic novels have held our hearts with good reason – but for a change of pace, what about hearing the story from another character’s point of view?


Austen Heartland: A Guide to Jane Austen Houses and Places

For those interested in exploring the real-life settings behind the works of Jane Austen, we’ve pulled together this list of destinations.