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Austen Heartland: A Guide to Jane Austen Houses and Places

For those interested in exploring the real-life settings behind the works of Jane Austen, we’ve pulled together this list of destinations.


Time After Time: Why Modern Authors Continue to Adapt Jane Austen

Author Hillary Manton Lodge discusses the appeal of writing a Jane Austen adaptation, and why Austen's work is still influential to writers.


Jane Austen Was a Secret Radical: A Book-by-Book Breakdown

We don't give Jane Austen enough credit for the radical ideas present in her books. In this book-by-book breakdown, we take Austen for the radical she was.


‘It’s Complicated’: 9 Quotes Honoring Dear and Difficult Siblings

National Siblings Day? Indeed. To honor those you didn't choose as family - but so often cherish nonetheless - here are some great writers on siblings.


VICE: Verhoeven’s ‘Starship Troopers’ Would Have Been a Hit Today

The case for a well-received Starship Troopers adaptation, human rights questions come out of Belarus, and more. It's all here in your Daily Blunt.


Why Jane Austen Is Actually So Wrong for the Alt-right

We asked Helena Kelly, author of the forthcoming book, Jane Austen, the Secret Radical, to respond to the alt-right’s alleged adoption of Jane Austen.