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Five Simple Ikigai Tips for City Living from the Village of Longevity

Héctor García, author of Ikigai and citizen of Japan, shares 5 Ikigai-inspired tips to help us to live healthier, longer, and more meaningful lives.


The Real Story of Hidden World War II Heroine Claire Phillips

Peter Eisner's new book, MacArthur's Spies, offers an in-depth look at Claire Phillips, an American heroine and espionage agent in World War II.


Weekend Reading: SpaceX, a Fossil Discovery, and More

This weekend, keep up on space travel, wonder at a new fossil discovery and what it may tell us about life on Earth, and keep an eye on Hermine.


Weekend Reading: Bastille Day, Notorious RBG, and More

This weekend, learn the history of Bastille Day, admire Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her candor, and prepare for a change in ceremonial leadership in Japan.


Kermit Roosevelt on the Dangers of Executive Power

We spoke with Kermit Roosevelt about the ways in which his family's history and his clerkship with David Souter played into his writing of Allegiance.


Further Reading: The Cruel Phenomenon of WWII ‘Comfort Women’

In our books & news pairings this week, we offer further reading on rock star Lemmy Kilmister, the 'comfort women' of Japan, style icon Patricia Field, and artist Ellsworth Kelly.