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‘The Magnificent Seven’ and 5 Essential Japanese Films

As the latest iteration of ‘The Magnificent Seven’ heads into development, we’re looking at five other essential Japanese films.


Broadway ‘Misery’ Requires Audience to Forsake Ice in Drinks

Big sacrifices for Broadway's 'Misery,' sacrificing the human element in Japanese cinema, and more in our Tuesday roundup.


Do-oh Mineko’s Tale in the Wake of Nagasaki’s Nuclear Fallout

In Nagasaki 1945, fifteen-year-old Dō-oh Mineko was, in her own words, a bit of a “wild child.”


Language is Japan’s Own Great Wall

Tracy Slater, author of 'The Good Shufu,' left her life in Boston to join the man she loves in Japan. The love came easy. The language? Not so much.


Through Sumi Shimatsu’s Eyes: WWII’s Crystal City Internment Camp

Jan Russell, author of The Train to Crystal City, shares the story of one of the detainees in the Crystal City family camp, Sumi Shimatsu.