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Hell Is Other People: Jean-Paul Sartre vs. Surfing, Illustrated

What would Jean-Paul Sartre have to say to modern-day surfers? Illustrator Nathan Gelgud imagines with some help from Aaron James's Surfing with Sartre.


Beacons of Counsel: 9 Quotes From Nobel Prize-Winning Authors

With the Nobel Prize awards just days away, we're looking back on 9 previous Nobel Prize-Winning authors and the insights they've shared.


6 Degrees of Infatuation: An Ode to Frisky French Writers

We're celebrating this Valentine's Day by going to the crossroads of Letters and Love: Paris, France. Join us as we trace the "six degrees of Simone de Beavoir," a writer who oversaw (and partook in) the incestuous, tangled love affairs of France's best and brightest.