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Breaking Silence: 14 Quotes On Healing From Trauma

Overcoming the pain of the past requires constant sources of illumination. Knowing this all too well, the following authors have attempted to provide some.


Silver & Gold: 14 Quotes About Christmas Consumerism

These 14 quotes remind us of what our society trades away in exchange for that cheap, ephemeral jolt of dopamine that we get from spending.


11 Quotes About Game Theory to Understand Our Gambler-in-Chief

Once you stop looking for strategy in the Trump Presidency, you begin to see evidence of roulette wheel behavior. So let's look at game theory, shall we?


Swim for Your Life: 9 Quotes About the Primal Allure of Water

For most of the year, rivers, lakes, and oceans serve either a strictly practical purpose, or a metaphorical one — we’d rather die than jump in. Once summer comes, however, you can’t


Nothing Unnatural: 9 Quotes In Praise of Queer Sex

LGBTQ individuals are often so embroiled in defending their basic rights that it's easy to overlook the simple, human pleasures of queer sex.


11 Eye-opening Reads to Understand LGBTQ Issues Today

We've got an eye toward literature as we begin to celebrate Gay Pride Month. Here are eleven reads we feel are essential to understand LGBTQ issues today.