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Empathy Reading: 9 of the Best Novels About Suicide

The tremendous success of the book and Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” has shown us that there’s a hunger for literary explorations of suicide. Perhaps this is because the world grows more compl


‘It’s Complicated’: 9 Quotes Honoring Dear and Difficult Siblings

National Siblings Day? Indeed. To honor those you didn't choose as family - but so often cherish nonetheless - here are some great writers on siblings.


Bye-bye Innocence: 17 Virgins from Film, Lit, and Life

Virginity has always played a significant role in storytelling: who’s lost it, who hasn’t, who wants to, who never will. Here are some of our favorite virgins from the cultural landscape.


The Best Marriage Plot Ever Written? Jeffrey Eugenides Makes a Case for 'The Portrait of a Lady'

Also in the world of lit and film today: John Cusack's shout-out to his 'In Your Eyes' beginnings, first drafts of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian, and wringing memories out of Hollywood veterans.


The Marriage Plot Heads for the Big Screen: What's Behind Hollywood's 19th Century Novel Infatuation?

Hollywood seems to be getting serious in its on-again, off-again romance with the nineteenth-century novel.


Bond Switches to Beer? Thanks For Nothing, Heineken

Today we're also clocking a hand-drawn Hemingway adaptation, and the Alfred Hitchock Nintendo games that never were.