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Infinite Facts: 15 Quotes on the Importance of a Free Press

"Fake News" cries notwithstanding, Americans had better find some faith in the institution of the free press while we've still got one.


London Crawling: The Full Trailer for ‘Mortal Engines’

Also in the news: The Stanford Prison Experiment debunked, and a list of books by women for Fathers Day. It's your Daily Blunt!


Our 25 Favorite Opening Lines in Literature

There's something to be said for a fantastic opening line. In our opinion, these are twenty-five of the very best first lines in literature.


12 Best Books From the 2000s That We Still Love to Read Today

The 2000s were an interesting and momentous time for book lovers everywhere. These are few of our picks for the best of the decade.


Be Not Proud: 10 Books To Help Us Face Mortality

As we get older, coping with loss (as well as our mortality) becomes a full-time job. The following books will help you prepare, and cope, with grace.


Why the World is Finally Ready for More Joan Didion Adaptations

With a gradual shift towards appreciation of female self-possession, cinema finally may be ready to embrace Joan Didion's novels and essays.