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"Submarine" Director Richard Ayoade Explains How He Built a Perfect Bildungsroman

It’s been a long time since a film or fiction served up such a supreme coming-of-age tale.


'Submarine' Director, Richard Ayoade, Delves into Dostoevsky's The Double

Ayoade hardly fits the profile of the dark and brooding artist you'd expect to wade into the bleak and beautiful moral murk of a Fyodor Dostoevsky adaptation.


Richard Ayoade's 'Submarine': Is New Leaked Footage a Strategic Salvo Against Harvey Scissorhands?

We can't help but wonder whether the above empirically undeniably hilarious scene from the film wasn't leaked to galvanize a grass roots campaign to keep Weinstein from altering the current cut of the film,


Is Harvey Weinstein Aiming His Torpedoes at 'Submarine'? Say it Aint So!

We felt the white-hot outrage of a thousand suns upon reading Harvey Weinstein's comments about re-editing "Submarine."


Sundance Day 2 Moviegoing Revelation: 'Submarine'

A shining example of what every Sundance film should aspire to be; art-house sublime. It's like the runty love child of Harold and Maude and Rushmore.