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HBO President Takes Blame for True Detective Season 2

Someone has finally owned up to the letdown that was the second season of 'True Detective'! This and more in today's roundup.


'Noah' Unveiled: New Darren Aronofsky Film Is a Fantasy of Biblical Proportions

Also in our round-up: What to wear at the premiere of 'The Dark Knight Rises,' who's after the Bush's Beans dog, and more.


Blu-Ray Gives 'John Carter' Second Chance to Thrill Audiences in 3-D

Also in today's roundup, Ryan Gosling's second go at Drive, a remake of Jacob's Ladder and more.


Casting a Spotlight on Shailene Woodley of 'The Descendants'

Also in today's roundup: progress in the "Bully" rating wars, a glimpse ahead at 2012's lesser-known treasures, and a few words in defense of Edgar Allen Poe.


On the Road Trailer Released: Jack Kerouac Meets Kristen Stewart

We welcome you back from the weekend with a glimpse of Javier Bardem in the new bond flick "Skyfall," the first trailer for "On the Road," and the first Dickens adaptation. Also, did you see John Carter this weekend? We did!