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Beginning This Week: The Great John Steinbeck Courtroom Battle

All these years later, John Steinbeck finds himself in court. We're watching the progress of this, the 'Hellboy' casting, and more in our Daily Blunt.


John Steinbeck Knew the Homeless Are Human: Do We?

We could stand to learn a lot from John Steinbeck and the story he gifted us in The Grapes of Wrath - but decades later, we're still falling short.


Epistolary Lit: 9 Nonfiction Books Written in the Form of Letters

The epistolary form can be immeasurably powerful when used correctly, allowing a writer to create an immediate bond with the reader.


Thoreau’s ‘Walden’ Makes For an Unlikely, Impressive Video Game

Walden makes its video game debut, the dawn of a new era in science fiction, and more. We've got a ton to talk about in our Daily Blunt.


Vigilance in an Age of ‘Alternative Facts’: 14 Quotes on the Art of Deceit

Included are a flight of quotes from wordsmiths who know a thing or two about crafting elaborate fictions -- both on the page and off.


Books and the Bully Pulpit: What the World Is Reading and Why

These seventeen books – some classic, some contemporary, some brand new – are finding a new kind of life in this bizarre and broken political climate.