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The Essential Wild Bill Wellman

William Wellman Jr. has done filmgoers the great service of pulling the essential films from the canon of Wild Bill Wellman.


Behind the Books with Glenn Frankel, Author of The Searchers

In this installment of Behind the Books, Glenn Frankel - author of The Searchers - pauses from his projects to sit down with us and talk all things bookish: his sprawling, sunny workspace, the "sly" and "supple" writing of Bob Dylan's Chronicle: Volume One, the closed border between fact and fiction, and imploring aspiring writers to "start small," and to "write for money. Even if it's peanuts."


Why Books Are (Almost) Always Better Than Movies – Plus a Giveaway!

Steven Pressfield debates the ongoing question of book vs. movie, and has five signed copies of his latest book to give away.