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Showtime Picks Up Franzen's Purity with Daniel Craig Attached

The verdict is in: the series adaptation of Jonathan Franzen’s Purity will go to Showtime and Daniel Craig will star.


The Beat of a Book: The 5 Best Novels About Music

From Ann Patchett's 'Bel Canto' to Franzen's 'Freedom,' Contrary Motion author Andy Mozina joins us to list his top 5 favorite novels about music.


What’s Worth Remembering From Edith Wharton’s Life and Career

The fact that Edith Wharton is still written about in a smug, dismissive tone proves how far ahead of her time she was.


Bryan Cranston’s ‘Trumbo’ Biopic, Jonathan Franzen Biography, and More

In the news this week: Jonathan Franzen has approved his mid-life biography from professor Philip Weinstein, Sarah Silverman is taking her memoir to Broadway, Bryan Cranston stars in a Trumbo biopic, and a second biography of pop artist David Hockney is coming this November.


Twist Ending: Octavia Spencer Will Reboot 'Murder She Wrote'

Octavia Spencer in mystery, Donnie Darko in horror, Jonahtan Franzen and reverse-adapted comics -- all in today's roundup!


The Roth I Know: A Q&A with the Director of ‘Philip Roth: Unmasked’

On March 19, Philip Roth, one of America’s greatest living authors, celebrated his eightieth birthday, not very long after announcing his retirement from writing. In commemoration of his birthday, PBS’s American Masters series will present a new documentary in which the novelist candidly and intimately talks about his career and life. Here's what the director of the documentary had to say when we caught up with her.