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Whedon Out: Who’s On Deck to Direct Batgirl?

Also in the news: Outcry as university libraries shrink their stacks, and a list of 15 prize-winning books you've never heard of. It's your Daily Blunt!


Clear Your Calendar: Sony Producing ‘Wheel of Time’ Fantasy Franchise

Fans of Robert Jordan will rejoice at the latest on The Wheel of Time franchise. We're looking at this, the book by Rachel Dolezal, and more.


Watch: Joss Whedon Promises Mark Ruffalo Nude Scene if Trump Defeated

Video campaigns take the lead today, starting with Joss Whedon's Save the Day, Vote campaign. This and more in today's Daily Blunt.


'X-Men' Actor Shawn Ashmore Congratulates Iceman on Coming Out

Actors walk out on Adam Sandler and Joss Whedon dishes on his 'Avengers' paycheck, all in today's Daily Blunt.


Joss Whedon and Lionsgate Accused of Ripping Off 'The Cabin in the Woods'

Also in the Daily Blunt: Jake Gyllenhaal's musical theater debut, and a 7 year old's sequel to "The Shining."


Marvel's Universe: What It Means for Literary Adaptations

Marvel’s world-building among films may bode quite well for the universe of literary adaptations.