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Trump and the Media: Are We Finally Leaving the White Bronco Behind?

The Trump Administration has quickly brought us into a new Media Age – one in which the free press is more important and more accountable than ever.


South of the Mediterranean: The Best Books on Libya

As we continue to bring you the best books to learn about oft-misunderstood nations, we look at the North African nation of Libya.


10 Books to Understand the Israel-Palestine Conflict

As one of the most controversial conflicts in the world, the Israel-Palestine conflict is a complex one with valid arguments rising from both sides.


The Sharp Horn of Africa: Best Books on Somalia

Somalia is home to a complex history and a richly storied people. Here are the best books to understand Somalia and its population.


Watch: Scott Sigler on How Journalism Helped Him Become a Novelist

Scott Sigler, author of Alone, speaks to the fundamental duties of journalism and how they helped to establish his success as a novelist.


In Appreciation of Investigative Journalism: A Book List

Where would our nation be without quality investigative journalism? Let’s look to the stacks for some insight with these great books.