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From Journalist to Novelist: A Journey to Fiction Writing

Fiona Davis, author of The Address, discusses how the tools of journalism, like research and revision, helped her to become a fiction writer


The Other Side of Impossible: An Interview with Susannah Meadows

When journalist Susannah Meadows found out that her son was chronically ill and not getting better, she was determined to heal him with alternative methods.


Sharp Comedy in Ugly Times: An Evening with Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee’s Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner offers a comedic, appropriate response to the state of American politics.


Lights, Camera, Write: 10 Non-Negotiable Rules for Hollywood Reporting

Critically acclaimed entertainment reporter Stephen Galloway reveals expert tips and tricks for reporting in the celebrity-filled world of Hollywood.


Joan Didion’s 1970 Trip to Mississippi, Illustrated

In 1970, Joan Didion had lunch with Stan Torgerson, the white owner of the local black radio station in Meridian, Mississippi. She did not enjoy it.


Trump and the Media: Are We Finally Leaving the White Bronco Behind?

The Trump Administration has quickly brought us into a new Media Age – one in which the free press is more important and more accountable than ever.