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The Origins of a Dissident: An Intimate Portrait of Raif Badawi

Ensaf Haidar's story about her husband Raif Badawi's imprisonment is a powerful account of how the personal and the political can so quickly collide.


Making Sense of ISIS: Q&A with Former Beirut Bureau Chief

Upon the release of his book, A Rage for Order, we checked in with the former New York Times Beirut bureau chief to talk about the rise and future of ISIS and more.


The Butcher's Trail: Julian Borger on Hunting Balkan War Criminals

Julian Borger, journalist and author of The Butcher's Trail, sat down with Signature to discuss his research into the most successful manhunt of all time.


The Defender: The Black Chicago Newspaper That Voiced the Voiceless

We caught up with Ethan Michaeli to talk about his new book, his years working as a reporter at the Defender, and the newspaper’s place in history.


‘It Makes Us Forget the Truth:’ Daring to Write in a Dictatorship

In Bad News, Anjan Sundaram's account of running a journalists' training program in Rwanda, repression of the press is a real and constant concern.


White, Thurber, and Gibbs: The New Yorker's Talented Triumvirate

In Cast of Characters, Thomas Vinciguerra paints a portrait of the extraordinary writers who founded the New Yorker magazine.