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Up in Arms: A Q&A With Guy Lawson, the Journalist Behind ‘War Dogs’

As we approached the release of 'War Dogs,' we caught up with journalist Guy Lawson, the man who wrote the piece of journalism that inspired the film.


How to Cover a Convention According to Norman Mailer

In the midst of the Democratic National Convention, and with the RNC behind us, let's rip a page out of Norman Mailer's playbook on convention coverage.


How a Night Class in Spanish Led to a Novel in Mexico

Lili Wright joins Signature to discuss how living in Mexico for a time changed her life and inspired her to write her first novel, Dancing with the Tiger.


Influential Books, Revisited: Random Family by Adrian LeBlanc

Adrian Nicole LeBlanc's revolutionary Random Family was published 13 years ago, but the issues it brings to light are searingly relevant today.


David Gilkey, Zabi Tamanna, and the Need for War Reporting

Former State Department official J. Kael Weston reflects on the last conversation he had with NPR’s David Gilkey – who was killed alongside Zabi Tamanna in Afghanistan in early June – and the ongoing dangers of and necessity for wartime journalism.


The Origins of a Dissident: An Intimate Portrait of Raif Badawi

Ensaf Haidar's story about her husband Raif Badawi's imprisonment is a powerful account of how the personal and the political can so quickly collide.