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Authors Make Their Mark: 12 Debut Novels That Won’t Disappoint

Here are eleven recently released, unforgettable, and worthwhile debut novels, spanning different genres and topics to check out now.


Vigilance in an Age of ‘Alternative Facts’: 14 Quotes on the Art of Deceit

Included are a flight of quotes from wordsmiths who know a thing or two about crafting elaborate fictions -- both on the page and off.


Marisa Silver on 5 Unconventional Works of Fiction that Inspire Her

Marisa Silver joins Signature to discuss five works of magical realism that inspired her while writing her latest novel, Little Nothing.


12 ‘Geek Love’ Quotes in Honor of Freakmother Katherine Dunn

In honor of Katherine Dunn's passing at 70, included are 12 quotes revealing the deep tendons and nerves running throughout her classic book 'Geek Love.'


Revered Geek Love Author Katherine Dunn Dies at Age 70

The literary world has lost one of its most beloved, original writers, Katherine Dunn. This and more in our roundup today.


Tribute to the Unfilmable: 'Geek Love' Turns 25

In today's roundup, Katherine Dunn's Geek Love celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary, a child learns to communicate through the magic of Disney, and more.