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Ernest Hemingway Cats, Home Reported Safe Following Hurricane Irma

A piece of literary history is confirmed intact thanks to an update from the Ernest Hemingway house staff in Key West. We've got our eye on this and more.


More on Medieval Chained Libraries, as Seen in ‘Game of Thrones’

Our worst library fears realized via 'Game of Thrones,' Kurt Vonnegut's The Sirens of Titan headed to television screens, and more all in our Daily Blunt.


Writers Are Self-Loathing: 50 Writers on Writers, in Fiction

Author Ben Blatt attests that writers are self-loathing, and has the data to prove it. Here are 50 writers on writers, from Stephen King to Edith Wharton.


Peek Between Covers of Roxane Gay’s ‘Black Panther’ Prequel

We get a first peek into the 'World of Wakanda' from Roxane Gay, bad news for 'The Exorcist,' and more in the world of pop culture.


Happy Birthday, America! Here are 15 Quotes on Existentialism

As our mighty nation continues to mature, it must resolve the ironies inherent in its original premise. These existential author quotes are a good start.


14 Author Quotes on Mankind’s Search for Truth

In honor of Arthur Conan Doyle's birthday this week, we have assembled a chorus of other literary voices bound in the same idealistic pursuit of the truth.