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Language Wars: 10 Novels Where Words Change the World

Language so often works for us – but occasionally, it can be used to cause mayhem and destruction, as in these ten extraordinary novels.


Delightful Definitions: 8 Words and Phrases We Should Use Again

Kory Stamper, lexicographer at Merriam-Webster, shares the definitions of 8 delightful words and phrases that have fallen out of the public consciousness.


A Reader’s Guide to the Defining Words of 2016

From YouTuber to post-truth, review 2016's new additions to the Oxford English Dictionary. We've even got book recommendations to explain them all.


‘Post-Truth’ Usage Up 2k Percent; Named Word of the Year

We're going to use 'post-truth' in a sentence today! This, misogyny in MacBeth, and more all in today's Daily Blunt.


7 Books That Explore the Boundaries of Language

Through fiction and nonfiction alike, these seven books will help you explore the evolution, effects, and permutations of human language.


5 Magical Phrases from The Illustrated Book of Sayings

This selection from the 52 expressions and idioms found in The Illustrated Book of Sayings will give you new ways of thinking about the world around you.