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How to Keep Language Authentic in Historical Fiction

James L. Haley, author of the Bliven Putnam Naval Adventure series, shares the importance of the authenticity of language in a work of historical fiction.


Language Wars: 10 Novels Where Words Change the World

Language so often works for us – but occasionally, it can be used to cause mayhem and destruction, as in these ten extraordinary novels.


Delightful Definitions: 8 Words and Phrases We Should Use Again

Kory Stamper, lexicographer at Merriam-Webster, shares the definitions of 8 delightful words and phrases that have fallen out of the public consciousness.


A Reader’s Guide to the Defining Words of 2016

From YouTuber to post-truth, review 2016's new additions to the Oxford English Dictionary. We've even got book recommendations to explain them all.


‘Post-Truth’ Usage Up 2k Percent; Named Word of the Year

We're going to use 'post-truth' in a sentence today! This, misogyny in MacBeth, and more all in today's Daily Blunt.


7 Books That Explore the Boundaries of Language

Through fiction and nonfiction alike, these seven books will help you explore the evolution, effects, and permutations of human language.