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'Antichrist' Director Lars Von Trier Fears Sobriety Has Ruined Him

Also: Matthew McConaughey joins 'The Stand' and William Blake's apocalyptic artwork thrills us anew in our Daily Blunt.


May Joan Rivers Smile Down Upon Us As We (Rightfully) Sing Her Praises

The world reacts to the sad news of the passing of Joan Rivers, the crayons are going on strike, and more in our pre-weekend what's-up.


Deep Water: Film Shelved Over Similarities to Missing Malaysian Flight News

'Deep Water' gives cause for belief in the humanity of Hollywood, a quick course in Lars von Trier, and more in our daily roundup.


Sex on a Train: 'Nymphomaniac' & 7 Moments of Note in Rail Relations

The ladies in Lars Von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' aren't the first to get busy on a train -- and it's not surprising given its frequent metaphorical use.


Musical Bits: First 'Annie' Preview, Fox Considers 'West Side Story' Revival

Editor's Note: In today's roundup, we're taking a sneak peak at the first "Annie" trailer, preparing ourselves for the possibility of a Spielberg-helmed "West Side Story" remake, and more.


The 'Love Actually' Oral History Dissects Our New Christmas Classic

As the holidays ramp up, we're sharing news of the history of 'Love Actually,' Lars von Trier's knack for getting what he wants, and more in our roundup.