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What Went On at The Dinner: Digging In with Oren Moverman

We caught up with the writer and director of ‘The Dinner’ to talk about brothers, motivation, fillmmaking in the Trump era, and more.


Why ‘Sully’ Doesn’t Work (But Tom Hanks Does)

‘Sully,’ based on the appropriately named Miracle on the Hudson, comes to us in an over-sentimentalized wash of Eastwood.


Could a Movie About Editing Possibly Be, Well, Genius?

‘Genius,’ the story of author Thomas Wolfe and editor Max Perkins, is not perfect – and yet there’s something about it that works perfectly.


Ian McKellen's 'Mr. Holmes': Not Your Typical Sherlock

The latest iteration of Sherlock Holmes, brought to life by Ian McKellen, is a bit surprising in 'Mr. Holmes.'


Sympathy for the Delicious: Mark Ruffalo Makes His Directorial Debut

Mark Ruffalo has a simple, albeit not easy, secret to success.