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The 18 Best Star Memoirs of All Time

In this post-awards season of little glamour, curl up with one of these 18 star memoirs for a bit of flash.


The Power of Film: Seaworld Admits 'Blackfish' Has Hurt Profits

The backlash of 'Blackfish,' sex onscreen in the era of Bacall, and more in today's roundup.


Remembering Lauren Bacall via Bogey's Love Letters

Lauren Bacall's passing has inspired the unearthing of one of our lifetime's loveliest love letters and more in our Wednesday roundup.


Dog Days Relief: Chill Out with 7 of History’s Coolest Cats

Just thinking about these stars gives us a shiver. They might be passionate, they might smolder on screen, but there’s something about them that’s just effortlessly cool.


The Lives and Deaths of Ernest Hemingway: Masculinity and Mortality on Film

Undoubtedly one of the most celebrated and interesting American authors, Ernest Hemingway left behind an alcoholic, reckless, and even suicidal legacy.