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George Miller Opts Out of Directing ‘Mad Max’ Sequels

George Miller's run with Mad Max is coming to an end, a gorgeous restoration of 'Lawrence of Arabia,' and more in today's roundup.


Omar Sharif of 'Dr. Zhivago,' 'Lawrence of Arabia' Dead at 83

Omar Sharif, best known for 'Lawrence of Arabia,' 'Dr. Zhivago,' and 'Funny Girl,' has passed away at the age of eighty-three.


Robyn Davidson’s Tracks: A Woman, A Desert, and 1,700 Miles to Go

In Tracks, Robyn Davidson recounts her journey through the Australian Outback. With a dog, four camels, and a crazy sense of adventure, Davidson leaves it all behind to trek 1,700 miles across Australia's deserts in hopes of finding herself on the other side.


What's Right and Wrong in 'Lawrence of Arabia'

Scott Anderson, author of a brand-new book on the modern Middle East, runs through the truths and inaccuracies in ‘Lawrence of Arabia.’


Werner Herzog Wants You to Learn How to Read

In an unscripted moment at the Locarno Film Festival, a conversation between THR and Werner Herzog moved into the realm of books and reading. And really, we're not surprised.