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Literature Is What Unites America and Russia in a Time of Divisiveness

In a time of divisiveness, editor Brian James Baer reminds us that Russia and America have much in common when it comes to their literary traditions.


7 Must-reads Courtesy of Joan Juliet Buck

Inspired by her gorgeous new memoir, The Price of Illusion, we asked Joan Juliet Buck to share the must-reads from her storied life.


Storytelling with the Stars: 10 Audiobooks to Listen to Now

What if your favorite actors read you your favorite novels? You're in luck! Check out these ten classic audiobooks read by celebrities.


Alexander Pushkin’s 3 Months of Blissful Writing

In 1830, the famous poet Alexander Pushkin got stuck on his family estate and had his 'Boldino Autumn,' where he created some of his best-known works.


Leo Tolstoy’s Poignant Letter to Gandhi on the Laws of Love

Leo Tolstoy's correspondence with Gandhi late in the Russian writer's life crystallize Tolstoy's lifelong search for meaning and resultant wish for peace.


The Talented Mr. Chertkov: Leo Tolstoy’s False Disciple

Alexandra Popoff, author of Tolstoy's False Disciple, discusses the life of Vladimir Chertkov: an ex-officer, a privileged aristocrat, and a man who became a greater influence on Tolstoy's life and career than Sophia, his own wife.