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Pride and Pain: 11 Quotes For Stonewall Season

The spirit of rebellion is alive and well in 2018's Pride events. The following quotes remind us of the reason for the season.


10 Books That Attest to the Subversive Side Of Queer History

"RuPaul's Drag Race" can only go so far in teaching the general public about queer culture, so Eric Shorey recommends ten books to dive deeper.


Elsa Lanchester’s Memoir Exposes a Closeted Marriage

Newly reprinted, Elsa Lanchester's memoir about keeping husband Charles Laughton's secrets remains an important piece of feminist and LGBTQ history.


Stray City Proves Writing About Reality Doesn't Have to Be Miserable

Chelsey Johnson's Stray City takes a look at the gritty reality of poverty in Portland in the 1990s, while also exploring moments of joy and humor.


55 Years After Her Death, Sylvia Plath’s Belongings Are Headed to Auction

Also in the news: A look back at the original Little Mermaid, and a change of heart from Steven Spielberg. It's your Daily Blunt!


Hope Shines On: Transgender Rights Gain Ground in Trump’s America

Even as the Trump presidency threatens the too-few rights of transgender Americans, the author of Tomorrow Will Be Different builds a strong case for hope.