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The Influence of Don Quixote and Harry Potter on Literature

Excerpted from Martin Puchner's book, The Written World, these two passages examine the impact of Don Quixote and Harry Potter on the literary world.


6 Books That Explain Culture Through the Ages to 2017

These six books explore various facets of culture through past TV shows and film, and reflect the cultural questions that society grapples with.


Survey: 1 in 5 British People Can’t Name a Single Literary Author

Apparently the prevalence of literature still has room to grow. We've got this, a look at female wins at the Hugo Awards, and more in today's Daily Blunt.


Coming of Age and Literature: The Power of Reading as an Adolescent

Kathleen Anne Kenney explains why reading is crucial for adolescents, and gets personal as she talks about how books impacted her as she was growing up.


Churchill and Orwell Raise a Glass in Heaven: A Short Play on Freedom

Though Churchill and Orwell were never acquainted in their lifetimes, they finally get to know one another over a drink in the afterlife in this short play by Thomas Ricks.


How the Senses Come Into Play for Readers and Writers

A reader who believes in a story opens to it, mind and body. Novels have to work harder than films or television dramas to induce this openness; they can’t dismantle defenses with mood music and exp