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On Tasting and Tolerance (Plus 3 Cocktail Recipes)

Aleksandra Crapanzano, author of The London Cookbook, ran into some troubles in terms of her tolerance for liquor while researching cocktails for her book.


The Celebrity Criminal: Jack Sheppard and the Self-Absorption of Sin

Aaron Skirboll, author of The Thief-Taker Hangings, discusses the origins of the celebrity criminal, rooted in the unlikely popularity of Jack Sheppard, a London thief and brazen escape artist.


On the Evolution of Jimmy Choo

Tamara Mellon is the co-founder of iconic luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo. Have a peek at a tidbit of the story that goes back to its start.


Liz Taylor as Cleopatra in an Epic Film Befitting its Hollywood Era

Against a contemporary cinematic landscape where major productions masquerade as humble indies, there’s something refreshing and almost quaint about Walter Wanger’s My Life with Cleopatra. His production diary of the 1963 hit film Cleopatra, it’s a witty and no-nonsense look at big-time moviemaking at the end of the studio era.


Inner and Outer Cartography in Circle Line: Around London in a Small Boat

Steffan Meyric Hughes has a thing for Google Earth. In his quirky and charming book Circle Line: Around London in a Small Boat, issued in the U.S. in paperback last week, he is casual but clear in revealing the profound impact of the satellite image mapping technology on his actions and words.


Waves of Grief and Healing After the Tsunami

Sonali Deraniyagala has survived the unthinkable. In her memoir "Wave," published last week, she describes the experience and wrenching aftermath of losing her parents, her husband, and her two young sons in the 2004 tsunami triggered by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean. Of the roughly 275,000 people killed by the impact of waves that reached up to a hundred feet high, five of them made up her entire world.