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Why You Should Adopt a Resue Dog Instead of Going to a Puppy Mill

Peter Zheutlin, author of Rescued, makes the case for adopting rescue dogs and giving them a forever home as opposed to going to breeders.


Why Heartbreak and Fiction Writing Are a Perfect Match

Jamie Ford, author of Love and Other Consolation Prizes, shares his own experiences that inspired him write stories about relationships and love.


Creating Characters, Writing a Family, and More with Camille Bordas

Camille Bordas knows a thing or two about character development, family dynamics, and writing about loss, and she's joined us to share her writerly wisdom.


Trick of the Trope: Writing A Queer Romance That Shatters Norms

Santino Hassell offers some insight on writing a queer romance novel that isn't problematic, and subverting the norms of the romance genre altogether.


Traci Lambrecht on Losing Her Mother and Writing Partner

P. J. Tracy is the pseudonym of the mother-daughter writing duo Patricia and Traci Lambrecht. Here, Traci writes about losing her mother and co-writer.


Matthew Klam’s Latest Asks What it Means to Have and Tell a Story

Sixteen years ago, award-winning Matthew Klam released Sam the Cat. Now, he's back with Who is Rich?, a novel about what it means to have and tell a story.